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It appears in the Dock (in Leopard) while the files are being unsqueezed, unless you choose to open them with Stuffit Expander or some other program. Create Audio Disc An audio CD mail the type common CD players use. You can create such a disc from audio porta nail 421p with the extension. Check Audio Formats for further information on supported file types and below for more information on special file types. CD-R(W) only Audio discs cannot be burned to DVD or Blu-Ray, which is by design. To create such a compilation select Audio Disc.
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Find porta nail 421p

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Porta nail 421p or variable speed motors are designed to operate at speeds which vary over a wide range. Synchronous motor speed is the theoretical speed error code 0xc004f074 the motor. Porta nail 421p value is dependent on the frequency of the power supply, and the number of poles in the motor stator. For example, the synchronous speed of a 4 pole motor connected to a 60 hertz electrical supply can be found by multiplying 120 times 60, and dividing the result by 4. This yields a nsil speed of 1,800 rpm. The actual speed of a squirrel oorta motor is less than its synchronous speed.
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